What is happening to me?

Tomorrow morning, another 6 and a half hours to be exact, I’m going to have my Advanced Civil Procedure I 2nd test. But here I am, still facebooking, wordpressing, farmvilling, gmailing, facebooking, wordpressing, farmvilling, gmailing……[the list is not ending]. Not to forget, my final is going to start this Wednesday but I’ve studied nothing, as if there is no final examination.

Can somebody tell me what is happening to me?…

Why am I too lazy to move my fat arse and grab the books and notes? Not that I’m that clever. Most of the tests that I’ve already taken for this semester were failures. But still, there’s no improvement on my side. Why? Why? Why?

Ok..done mumbling. I want to start studying. Rephrased: I have to start studying.

Jom study jom!

4 thoughts on “What is happening to me?

  1. oit..jgn lupe study k? kiteorang dulu beban giler coz criminal pagi selepas konvo… betapa penatnyer..
    so skarang buat yang terbaik!!!
    p/s: tolong ingatkan si anak ramli itu untuk study..

  2. haha..ok bro…xkan ku lupa utk stadi..akn ku stadi sehingga ke helaian mukasurat yg terakhir.. ;p
    tp xreti la nk bahagi masa cmne..da la evidence ngan sivil mcm totally lost..huhu

    p/s: ok..akan ku igtkan si anak ramli itu untuk study.. :)

  3. Hi Friend,

    Hey I noticed you used a photo from my blog site; I do not mind that, but you credited the photo to me, but it is not mine. I obtained it from the internet myself. It makes me a little nervous to credit it to me; so if you don’t mind please do not list my blog as the source. I need to get familar with the copyright laws and my own use of online picutres.

    Let me know when you take my credits off please. Hey thanks so much fellow blogger!

  4. gmarble:: I put the credit to you because I thought you own the copyright of the photo. Since it’s not yours, I’ve already took the credit off :) I hope that you’ll not feel nervous anymore.

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