Never take things for granted…


Normally, I’ll try to believe that people would not take things for granted. But somehow, it always turned out to be the other way round. People will always take things for granted, especially if the things were given to them for free. It’s ok if I didn’t find out. But when I found out, it was a bit heart-wrenching…


2 thoughts on “Never take things for granted…

    1. It’s not my stuff anymore coz I gave it to him. But it’s ok. Just want to let other people know that never take things for granted :)
      Anyway, both are my blogs. This is supposed to be the primary blog. But there are some who still visit my old blog URL. So, I still put what I updated here in the other blog. Another reason is to generate nuffnang ads. No update = no ads. huhu.. :D

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