As I’ve mentioned earlier, I am a bookcrossing member. [Don’t know what bookcrossing is? Go google! ;) ]. RABCK refers to the random act of bookcrossing kindness. Meaning, you do something kind to fellow bookcrossers.  For example, to release some books to fellow members. Well, it led to one thing that made me love bookcrossing : I have the chance to read books without buying them.

I am one of the recipients of the RABCK. I browsed through a member’s list of available books [and even make sure that the member is from Shah Alam so that the postal cost will be cheaper], asked about the books and the books got posted. I received the books, which include 3 copies of John Grisham titles, a surprise book and 4 other books on Wednesday. But it was only yesterday [I am living at a rented house during classes] that I had the chance to open the box and browsed through the books :).

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