Postponed entries…

These entries were supposed to be published a couple of days ago. But I am so lazy even to type my blog. So, I postponed those entries until today. Here goes…

Iftar @ Belanga, Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang Jaya [Wednesday, the 1st of September 2010]

Had iftar with my dad after I took my PCEIA examination at Maju Junction KL. Overall, the food was okay. I love Nasi Tumpang. It is rice packed in a cone-shaped banana leaf, consists of an omelette, meat floss, fish or shrimp curry and sweet gravy. I chose fish curry coz’ my sinus won’t let me eat shrimp. My dad took nasi tumpang with shrimp curry. It was delicious. The price is a bit pricey though. RM 6.50 for fish curry and RM 6.90 for shrimp curry.

Nasi tumpang...
This is how it looks like when you unpacked the pack...
This is how it looks like when you unpacked the pack...

For the main course, my dad had nasi lemak ayam goreng berempah. The ayam berempah was delicious but the nasi lemak was ordinary. Except that it was cooked with air pandan and made the rice green in colour. Price: RM 13.90.

Nasi lemak ayam goreng berempah...

As for me, I had nasi dagang. The kari ikan tongkol was nice. But I don’t like the nasi dagang itself. It tastes weird. ;p Price: RM 12.90.

Nasi dagang...

Empire Shopping Gallery
Jalan SS 16/1
47500 Subang Jaya
GPS: 3.08183,101.583039
Tel No: 03-5630 2780

Iftar @ Nando’s [Friday, the 3rd of September 2010]

Since today is the last day for me and my friends to buka puasa together as students [next year, insyaAllah we will start our working life or pupillage life], we decided to go to Nando’s Jusco Bukit Raja.


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