Recently, I watched several movies. And I’m thinking of sharing bout the movies here.

Friday, the 3rd of September 2010

Watched Grown Ups. This movie is very hilarious, very funny even until the end of the movie. But this movie has a strong storyline. In this movie, when 5 childhood friends met again during an unexpected event, they had a little vacation at a lake house together with their family members. It was during their little vacation that they realised how things had never changed between them. They did all those things that they did during their childhood days to cherish their memories, even though they are all grown ups.

Nonetheless, the thing that caught my attention was when it tries to tell us that when we grew older and have kids, what the next generation do may not be the same as what we did during our childhood. When I was watching this movie, I kept thinking, will my child know how to play galah panjang, baling selipar and all those games that we played when we were kids? Will they know how to play dam ularDam aji?

Saturday, the 4th of September 2010

Watched Remember Me. This movie is one of the best movie that I’ve ever watched. At least for me. It was awesome. This movie revolves around the issue of love between parents and child. Between a father who ignores his child due to his nature of job as a busy person and a father who works as a police investigator, but because of an incident happened when his daughter was 11, becomes over protective towards his daughter.

I love this movie because it tells about the importance to keep on living no matter what happened and how wrong it is to just think each day is guaranteed. The movie teaches us to live and to love, and to always remember how important it is to share our love with those around us. I suggest every father to watch this movie and think what’s the best for your children and to show them how much your love is towards them. Giving money and provides life to your children is not enough. The children needs to know the amount of love that you have towards them. Because each day is not guaranteed :)

Go watch!


4 thoughts on “Movies…

  1. indeed! best la… i like the narrative as it go with the flow. frankly speaking the story line is a bit slow but the momentum is there. especially the bali scene! Hilarious but still meaningful… after watching this, You will think how good the movie is.. :D sile enjoy!

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