Exam mode * 2 more to go…

I was quite busy [and lazy] this semester that I did not update my blog since last month. I make it a point to update my blog today as my life as a student is going to end soon and I’m sure that my blog will be abandoned [hopefully not] by me when I’ve started working. In fact, I’m afraid that even if I update my blog when I’ve started working, the ‘tone’ will not be the same.

I’m having my exam this week. My final final examinations. Started last week with Evidence II on Monday and Advanced Criminal Procedure II on  Wednesday. Yup. Two ‘killer’ papers with a gap of just one day. On Sunday I had my Bahasa Melayu Undang-Undang paper. And tomorrow will be Advanced Civil Procedure II. My last paper will be on next Tuesday, that is Ethics.

By the way, I am panic right now. Really panic. But I wanna play it cool. I haven’t slept since last night, thought want to study [yes, I lied] but ended up watching football, movie, and internet-ing. Last night, I read a couple of pages for my civil…two the most. I don’t know why but I just want to finish the exam as soon as possible. I am getting tired of looking at the books, hearing the names of the cases. Honestly, it sounds easy to read law, but it’s not that easy when it comes to the exam. Even if it is an open book exam. Trust me.

Photo from http://lawyerist.com/clearly-the-answer-is-not-obvious/

2 thoughts on “Exam mode * 2 more to go…

  1. Oh exam??? I miss those moment though! But if you ask me to do it again.. ohhoo No more! enough is enough! Msc exam killing me until I can’t eat and think properly! LOL Well… best of luck.. exam is nothing until u decide its going to be something! Best of luck! Mulakan dengan doa dan selawat ok bro!

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