Cities of Mekong – Phnom Penh & Chau Doc











12 thoughts on “Cities of Mekong – Phnom Penh & Chau Doc

    1. Oh I see. U should go there one day, seriously. They have a lot of interesting places especially the cultural and heritage attractions. There are a lot of things need to be explored and I am sure I’ll go to Indonesia again :)

      1. Not that much actually. Hehe. Due to lack of time and budget, currently I am travelling at South East Asia first. After all, there are a lot more to be seen in our region, isn’t it? :)

        I believe that one day, you will travel all over the world. U just need that one time to really kick off on a journey :)

        For a start, why don’t u visit Malaysia? ;)

      2. Yes, I will soon. Actually, my bucket list would include another Asian country as my first out of the country travel. :) currently, though, I am limited to travel only around Luzon, the main Island of the Philippines. And hopefully, by this year or the next, I can travel to the other main island of the country. Come visit us,too!!!

      3. Good for you! :) Then, u can make a blog post and it can help me too when I wanna go there. Yeah, the Philippines is one of the countries that I really wanna visit ;)

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