#tsbreakaway: A Short but Memorable Journey

My posts on my backpacking trip to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah will be postponed until #tsbreakaway ends. =) Till then, enjoy the postings on this awesome project by Tourism Selangor and check out http://tsbreakaway.my for further info.


#tsbreakaway, a pilot project by Tourism Selangor to gather bloggers and photographers in a competition to polish the skills of photography and writing. It was an amazing journey. 12 strangers, most of them had never meet each other, gathered, stayed, slept, ate, attended workshops and had fun together.

5 days before, they were strangers :)

Unlike other competition, where participants tried to eliminate each other, #tsbreakaway was more humane. Haha. We, the participants, did not care who will win, as long as we got to learn from the experts during the workshops and had fun together.

Day 3: Map Your Trail. Kids going back from school under the hot sun.

It was such a great experience. I love my comfy bed at the Empire Subang Hotel. I had the whole hotel room for myself for the whole 4 nights and it was great a great place to stay in.

Empire Hotel, Subang – Nice!

#tsbreakaway definitely had taught me a lot. And the program had allow me to see Selangor in a different perspective. Who knows that in the PJ area, there are people with stories to tell, who wants their voices to be heard?

Uncle and auntie with a story to tell…

I am going  to update more on #tsbreakaway soon. Right now, I have a feeling which I can’t describe, but can be manifested by the photo below…

#tsbreakaway …


Thank you to Tourism Selangor for organizing the event, Canon for the camera loaned to me, DPac for the amazing night, Empire Hotel for the amazing stay and each and everyone who had contributed to the awesome experience. Check out http://tsbreakaway.my for further info.


11 thoughts on “#tsbreakaway: A Short but Memorable Journey

      1. I know! I’m experiencing it too! Today just doesn’t feel the same without my awesome explores and wild activities!

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