#tsbreakaway: A&W, Petaling Jaya – Are We Ready to Let Go?

Any Malaysian child born in the 1980s and grew up in the 1990s would remember vividly the advertisement in the television singing, “Mozza burger… Mozza burger~!“.

Myself included. That advertisement just show how famous A&W was back then, when the names like KFC and Mc Donald’s were still building up.

A&W PJ, the first drive-in fast food outlet in Malaysia.

I could still remember, being a kid, my family used to bring the whole family to A&W at the Shah Alam Lake Gardens (which had been closed for years, though the rusting signboard can still be seen as one exited the Federal Highway into the city centre) and how one day, after sulking big time, my parents bought me the Great Root Bear punching bag as I thought it was awesome.

Going here is like entering a time warp.

Sometimes, they would bring us to A&W Petaling Jaya (PJ) outlet, which I recalled as being located near a field, a swimming club, and empty spaces.

The main ‘star’ of A&W…

I still remember, one day, I asked my dad why the PJ’s outlet is different from the Shah Alam’s outlet. He would tell me that the PJ’s A&W is one of the oldest in Malaysia, opened in 1965, and the first fast food chain to have a drive-in concept. “Drive-in?“, I would asked. And he pointed to the cars parked outside the restaurant, with trays attached to their car window.

‘Drive-in only’. A concept of the past.

Unfortunately, as development took place, a lot of things had changed. The A&W in Shah Alam was closed. In fact, many A&W outlets were closed due to the lack of profit. While the PJ’s outlet remains open, the drive-in concept is no longer in place. Rumour has it that A&W PJ is counting its days and the land may be used for development. How true the rumour is, I do not know. I hope it is just another rumour, being brought up to make us think, to make us aware of what is happening to our surrounding.

A&W PJ, being squeezed by the surrounding development.

But one thing for sure. Singapore has no A&W anymore. As for Malaysians, though fast food is unhealthy, the nostalgia of hearing the Mozza burger advertisement, eating Coney dog or drinking the famous root beer, is something that can’t be wiped out just like that. Just go to A&W PJ. Going to this quaint outlet makes me feel like I had entered a time warp.

Are we prepared to let go of our nostalgia for the sake of profit and development?


A&W Drive-In, Petaling Jaya

Address: No. 9 Lorong Sultan, 46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia


Thank you to Tourism Selangor for organizing the event, Canon for the camera loaned to me, and each and everyone who had contributed to the awesome experience. Check out http://tsbreakaway.my for further info.

-This is entry #2 for #TSBreakAway-

-This is also an entry for the CANON Photo-Storytelling Challenge-


7 thoughts on “#tsbreakaway: A&W, Petaling Jaya – Are We Ready to Let Go?

    1. Their waffles + ice cream is the best! Just like the Pulau Ketam’s fried ice cream. Haha.

      Yeah, I really hope this one won’t close anytime soon [or won’t close at all]. Last year, I heard that KUB was closing one branch after another. But this one, definitely is different from the others.

      It has the soul, the fondness with the society who has been living and grew up in PJ & its surrounding areas…

  1. They still serves the best waffle + with ice cream, coney dog and root beer float. Nothing can beat them! Had a late night supper with my aunt and cousin right after an international jazz show and surprisingly, its full! Hoping that PJ outlet will run as usual in the future.

    1. I hope for the same thing Zara. It is a shame if they close the outlet for redevelopment. This place is so close to the hearts of people growing up around the area.

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