#VMY2014 Instagram Edition: Nasi Kerabu

Hi there! This is part of a series on Visit Malaysia 2014. In conjunction with Visit Malaysia 2014, we will post a photo from our Instagram account, @kairulizwan, which will give you an insight on Malaysia. Come, visit Malaysia, Truly Asia.


Nasi kerabu, literally translated as kerabu rice is one of Malaysia’s famous dish. It originates from the East Coast regions of peninsula Malaysia, specifically the state of Kelantan. This dish is available throughout Malaysia but of course, heading to the East Coast will make us feel the authenticity of the dish. The dish is usually eaten with ulam or raw vegetable and other sides such as grilled beef, stuffed chilli, fish or even grilled chicken with marinated sauce [ayam percik]. The nasi kerabu in the above photo was what I had at Yati Nasi Kerabu in Kota Bharu, Kelantan. While the rice is white, most nasi kerabu sold at the West Coast states have blue-coloured rice.

Have you tried nasi kerabu before?

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10 thoughts on “#VMY2014 Instagram Edition: Nasi Kerabu

      1. oh memang pakai colouring ke? hahaha

        saya main agak je. hehe. akak, haritu kan ingat nak pergi klinik akak, tak jadi sebab saya betul2 tak sihat, pergi klinik kat rumah aje. hehe

  1. nasi kerabu selalu ada 3 kaler…biru dr bunga telang….kuning tak silap aku dr kunyit…n nasi biasa warna putih…kat kelantan leh cari tiga2 kaler tuh…tp kat Yati tuh maybe dia malas nak wat kaler2 kot…..

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