#VMY2014 Instagram Edition: Tioman Island, Pahang

Hi there! This is a part of the series on Visit Malaysia 2014. In conjunction with Visit Malaysia 2014, I will post a photo from my Instagram account, @kairulizwan, which will give you an insight on Malaysia. Follow me on Instagram for more photos from a local’s view and come visit Malaysia, Truly Asia.


One of the beaches in Tioman.

Despite the numerous islands, Malaysia is more well-known for her twin towers and jungles. In fact, as a Malaysian myself, I have yet to go to all the islands in Malaysia, including the popular ones like Perhentian, Redang and Mabul. When talking about beautiful islands or beaches in South East Asia, people will mention Bali or Lombok in Indonesia or Boracay in the Philippines. But trust me, Malaysia has beautiful islands and beaches too. Recently I went to Tioman and look at the photo above to see what I found. No… not the bikini-clad girls! I am talking about the white sand and crystal clear water! Haha.

Tioman, anyone?

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4 thoughts on “#VMY2014 Instagram Edition: Tioman Island, Pahang

    1. I hope that you will come someday and I am sure you will :) Despite its small size, there are a lot of interesting places here. I will update more on Malaysia soon! :)

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