Solo Overland Backpacking Trip to Thailand and Laos – Part 21: Cycling In Vientiane

Previously: Part 20 – Good Morning, Vientiane


Still Day 6: Saturday, 31 August 2013

After breakfast, I walked back to the guesthouse. Suddenly, I heard someone yelling from the road “Good morning!“. I looked at the road and saw Hibiki and Yuya greeted me whilst cycling on the road. I replied their greets and thought to myself “cycling sounds like a good plan, but first I need to extend my stay here“.

Street vendors in Vientiane.

Lepas sarapan, aku jalan balik ke guesthouse. Tiba-tiba, aku dengar suara orang jerit dari jalan besar “Good morning!”. Aku toleh ke jalan tengok Hibiki dan Yuya dok lambai-lambai pagi kat aku sambil mengayuh basikal. Aku jawab salam pagi diorang dan terus terfikir “ok jugak kalau kayuh basikal ni.. tapi nak kena extend satu malam lagi ni”.

Talat Sao Mall near Talat Sao Market, the biggest shopping mall in Vientiane.

When I reached the guesthouse, I went to the reception and extended my stay for another night before going to the guesthouse next door and rented their bicycle. Armed with the map that I took from the tourist information centre yesterday, I started cycling in Vientiane.

The Patuxai… again. Haha

Sesampai je aku kat guesthouse, aku terus pergi ke reception dan extend satu malam lagi. Lepas tu, aku pergi ke guesthouse sebelah dan sewa basikal diorang. Dengan peta yang aku ambil dari pusat penerangan pelancong semalam, aku pun terus berbasikal dalam Vientiane.

Many places in Vientiane are smoke-free.

I did not have any plan of where to go, so I just cycled and cycled, passed the Patuxai and cycled beyond the huge monument. Sometimes, I stopped by the roadside just to observe the view and to feel one with the place. After all, Vientiane is such a great place and it has treated me well so far.

Selamat datang / Welcome!

Aku tak ada rancangan nak kayuh basikal ke mana, jadi aku terus kayuh dan kayuh, melepasi Patuxai. Kadang-kadang, saja aku berhenti tepi jalan nak menghayati suasana masa tu. Lebih-lebih lagi, Vientiane memang satu bandar yang menarik dan setakat ni, aku dah mula jatuh hati kat Vientiane.

After struggling climbing a small hill, I reached this small town. It is near the national monument of Vientiane. Any guesser?

Do you like to cycle in a new city that you travelled to or do you prefer to walk?


To be continued – Part 22


Cycling is one of the most convenience and safest way to sightseeing in Vientiane. Although it is a capital city, Vientiane is not very busy and totally bicycle-friendly.

The rental rate is around 20,000 kip for a day [as of August 2013].


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