Have you heard about sunset in Kuching? Where the sun lowered itself on the horizon with reflections on the river. I was told by my friends that one of the indications of a clean air is a combination of orange-purplish skies when the sun sets. It feels romantic. It looks romantic.

Kuching downtown is large but the old town area is small. There is a lot of old pre-war shop houses, some still maintained its original signage and architectural design. I walked around the old town area to kill time before going to the riverside.

Once I reached the riverside, the view was awesome. The skies are filled with orange and purple hues, indication of a very fresh and clean air. There were sampans bringing people from one side of the river to the other. Behind them was the reflection of the trailing edge of the sun’s disk disappearing below the horizon.  Again, it was romantic.

Whilst looking at the sunset together with Anis of Five Feet Traveller, I sat quietly, enjoying the moment and thanking God for giving me the opportunity to come to Kuching, to experience the magical sunset of Borneo.

Magical. Yes, the sunset was truly magical.


I would like to personally thank the Sarawak Tourism Board and Tune Hotels for making this trip possible and to Planet Borneo for the hospitality throughout the trip. This trip was held in conjunction with the International Bornean Frog Race 2014.


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